Grand Paris Express – TBM Mireille

Mireille is name of the 8th TBM for the Line 6 of Grand Paris Express has been named in honor of Mireille Agletiner, a retired professor involved in the city’s community life.

The ceremony was held on 25/02/2021 at the Bel Air site in Chelles city with attendance of authorities: click here to view the video.

A 3.5 km length tunnel between the Bel-Air structure in Chelles and the Mare au Chanvre structure in Sevran, part of the 12 km Aulnay-sous-Bois – Chelles section including 4 underground stations, and crossing the municipalities of Sevran, Clichy sous Bois, Livry Gargan and Montfermeil, without going through the actual city of Paris, will be excavated by Mireille TBM. The TBM was acquired by NGE WeBuild and is going to be launched this month.

For further information, please click here and here. Also visit this website.

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