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Transferring process of the head of TBM Sarah, which has around 150 t weight, from the Finot structure in Saint-Ouen to the Agnes shaft in Aubervilliers, where the machine was reassembled, has been done, overnight between the 6th and 7th of October in Line 15 East of Grand Paris. It is scheduled to recommence the TBM in 2022 to construct the 2.4 km tunnel toward Finot for Line 15 East.

On 16 October 2021 at the end of Grand Paris Express ‘s open day in Line 18 at the KM9 site the second TBM that is due to dig the tunnels of Line 18 was christened. As per tradition, the TBM has been named after a woman: this time its Caroline Boujard, rugby player for the French national team, selected for the 2022 World Cup and originally from Massy.

The journey of TBM will be almost 6km up to the Pistes d’Orly facility, that will begin in December from the Marechal Leclerc shaft.

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