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Trelleborg Supplies Sealing Systems for Large Immersed Tunnel in Iraq

Khor Al Zubair Immersed Tunnel Project Site

Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure partners with Daewoo Engineering & Construction (Daewoo E&C) based in South Korea will deliver a thorough range of customized sealing systems for the Khor Al Zubair Immersed Tunnel project – a significant undertaking that stands as the most considerable immersed tunnel presently being built in the Middle East.

The partnership with Daewoo E&C illustrates a noteworthy milestone for Trelleborg, allowing the group to play a critical role in Iraq’s transportation infrastructure advancement. Trelleborg’s portfolio of sealing systems for this scheme comprises the field-proven Gina gasket and Omega seals, containing the new W29U-I Waterstop series with a new double flexible injection system.

Once completed, this immersed tunnel at Khor Al-Zubair Port in Basra, Iraq, will extend 2.5 kilometers long and feature six lanes and a dedicated emergency lane.

The tunnel is an essential part of the immense Al Faw Grand Port project in Southern Iraq, a scheme that incorporates constructing one of the world’s largest container terminals. Altogether, as expected, the project will promote seamless transportation and support economic growth in the region.

President of Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure, Richard Hepworth, states, “We are extremely excited about our partnership with Daewoo E&C for this groundbreaking project in Iraq. There is no doubt that this monumental project holds immense promise and will lay the groundwork for the nation’s continued growth. Throughout Trelleborg’s history, we have actively contributed to infrastructure projects that have not only spurred sustainable economies but also brought about positive change. We are proud to remain committed to this path, as we understand the profound impact such initiatives can have on society and the environment.”

Under the agreement, 10 Gina gaskets and 10 Omega seals will be delivered for the permanent immersion joints that link the tunnel elements. Trelleborg’s Gina gaskets and Omega seals will have a vital role in linking ten concrete elements, each with a length of about 126 meters. The component supply started in 2022 and is now underway, with final deliveries planned for the end of 2023.

Jinwoo Kim, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Project Manager, commented on the partnership: “Given Trelleborg’s extensive expertise in delivering sealing systems for critical projects across the globe, this partnership was a natural fit. Their team of highly skilled specialists has added immense value to our project, ensuring that the project is executed smoothly.”

Trelleborg’s seals are designed to last more than 120 years and are constructed with longevity in mind and backed by rigorous third-party verification.

Effectively, the Gina gasket and Omega seal preclude water ingress caused by external water pressure. These parts provide a fully watertight solution, guaranteeing that the tunnel remains intact and is well protected against potential water leakage. They handle the extreme transfer of hydrostatic loads and movements between tunnel ends caused by environmental pressures like seismic activity, soil settlement, and temperature effects.

Further information about Trelleborg’s sealing systems for immersed tunnels is available here.

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