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The HRBT Expansion Project – Commissioning the TBM Mary

HRBT Expansion Project - TBM Mary

Before commencing the excavation of the first of two new tunnels under the Hampton Roads waterway, the electrical and hydraulic systems of TBM Mary, that has been completely reconstructed, was done by HRBT project team in April in the South Island launch shaft.

In order to christen TBM Mary and STP (slurry treatment plant) Katherine, the HRBT Expansion project personnel gathered on Monday, April 17, while this ceremony involved breaking a bottle of champagne on each machine as a celebration of good fortune for the equipment and the crew.

Considering that the planning, preparation, and partnership with Dominion Energy was advanced properly, the required system upgrades to supply the power to the TBM and STP were completed ahead of schedule. Installing 9.65 km (6 miles) of new electrical feeder lines from the Taussig substation in Norfolk to the South Trestle, was the result of these efforts, whereas it carries the lines to a new substation on the South Island. Providing power for the TBM and STP, this landside upgrade will remain after tunnel completion to support future growth in the project corridor area.

This electricity supplies numerous systems on the TBM, such as powering the 54 thrust rams that move the machine forward and enabling the cutterhead’s rotation. Additionally, in order to powering the high-pressure pumps transporting the dug material to the slurry treatment plant, as well as powering the STP’s de-sanding systems, conveyor belts, and filter presses, that same energy is needed.

For further details on HRBT Expansion project visit their website.

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