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Swiss Underground Freight Network – Launching the Consultation

Swiss Underground Freight Network

The consultation between Swiss government and cantons on the proposed underground freight tunnel network, Cargo Sous Terrain (CST) has been commissioned.

Providing a tunnel network for automated, driverless electric freight vehicles, the system is due to run from Geneva to St Gallen. The scheduled date for inauguration of the first 70km section, that links the Härkingen-Niederbipp hub with Zurich Airport, is 2031 and CST plans to create a 500km nationwide network by 2045.

According to CST: “The consultation, which is part of the government’s transport sector plan, was the first stage of a comprehensive approval process that will ultimately enable the construction of the first section of the CST network from Härkingen to Zurich Airport.” The cantons’ feedback will be used to refine the project.

Also the planning corridor for the route of the tunnel, construction-related planning zones as well as a detailed environmental impact report, are the contents of sectoral plan.

“The foundations of CST include a committed sustainability strategy for the benefit of the environment and climate. The project would create a new supply and waste disposal infrastructure for the benefit of the whole of Switzerland,” said CST.

With intention of reducing pressure on roads and rail, the privately financed freight and goods transport system has been planned. While 2022 was the date of creating the legal basis for the project by Switzerland’s Federal Council, last year geotechnical investigations commenced.

CST’s investors include Afry, Pini, Implenia and Siemens.

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