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Starting Up New Platform for Robot Connectivity by Brokk

Starting up new platform for robot connectivity by Brokk

The new version of the online platform in order to link destruction robots has been launched by Brokk and is designed upgraded in comparison to the version launched in February 2021.

Currently, all over Europe and North America have access to the updated platform Brokk Connect 2.0 and it lets users have disposal to real-time information about the robot’s location, its status, operational data, and the need for attention.

The advantages of this online platform are linking robots over a mobile network, as well as including new aspects to assist manage fleet utilization and optimizing project planning.

Moreover, involving an always-on ‘geofencing’ functionality gives this chance to Brokk owners to keep control of their fleet of machines, assisting them in case of theft or unauthorized use. Additionally, ordering the platform according to the users’ needs is possible now, while a new weekly status report provides a robot update, alerting owners if anything needs attention.

In accordance with Brokk’s statement: “It can also monitor machines on behalf of owners, checking status, troubleshooting any issues remotely and maximizing machine uptime. The system is available on all new robots and can also be retrofitted to older models.”

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