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Searching Industry Advice for New Tunnel Management by Ciria

industry advice for new tunnel management by Ciria

Due to the fast advancement of new monitoring and assessment techniques for tunnels, the needs of industry for new advice about the portable method of these innovations applications has increased.

Ciria, which is an industry guidance body, by upgrading its C761 Tunnels: inspection, assessment, and maintenance document, which was published over 10 years ago, has replied to this request.

Work on the update is being led by Mott MacDonald technical director for the civils asset management team Leo McKibbons who described the sector as “rapidly evolving”.

“Tunnels are a vital part of our infrastructure and by supporting their management and good stewardship we can help contribute to some of the most pressing challenges of our times, including the need for efficiency, sustainability, decarburization and resilience of our transport and utility systems,” said McKibbons.

McKibbons also added: “We’re kicking off this project with an online questionnaire to better understand the views of those responsible for tunnel management and their support within the supply chain. The results will help us to focus the guidance and make sure that it provides practical advice that responds to the industry’s needs.”

Although the releasing date of the current C761 was 2009, according to the organization there are significant changes since that time in technology and legislation, as well as on-site practice. The primary bid was in the line of adding an annex to the available guidance but a revision by McKibbons and Ciria project steering group chair and tunneling expert Martin Knights led to a re-think and a decision to look at updating the whole document.

Evaluation of methods for tunnel asset information systems, smart monitoring and predictive maintenance; tunnel renovation and renewal; and condition appraisal, are the aspects of advice that the new guidance is expected to be include. Moreover, the document is estimated to involve case studies presenting current best practices, as well as lessons learned to inform future design codes and standards.

Ciria research director Andy Moores stated:” The update will allow a movement towards predictive maintenance regimes and more proactive planning that maximizes the availability of the asset for the benefit of users.”

By working on the new guidance before the end of the year Ciria is intending to publish ultimate guidance in the first half of 2023.

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