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Press Conference _ €3 billion budget of tenders for the Lyon-Turin railway line


APE (Association de la Presse Etrangère), held a live streaming press conference in Paris, ’Associazione della Stampa Estera (Italy) and TELT – Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin, in 7 July 2021. The purpose of this conference was announcing the granted budget for tenders of the work on the French side of the tunnel, which was €3 billion worth of work available for the Lyon-Turin railway line.

The Moderators were: Elias Masboungi, President of the APE-Association de la Presse Etrangère and Martens van Aalderen, President of the Associazione della Stampa Estera in Italia.

Investing on the tenders for the tunnel at the base of Mont Cenis, caused one of Europe’s main projects, which was implemented by the EU as part of the TEN-T rail network, transfer into a new phase. This is the lost link in the Mediterranean Corridor, which connects the continent from Spain to Hungary, crossing regions representing 17% of the EU’s GDP. A green infrastructure for the future of the areas.

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