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Perpignan-Figueres High Speed Line, Spain (es/21)

Perpignan-Figueres High Speed Line

Calling enthusiasts to participate in a tender that has been announced to define the technical specifications that are required to carry out auxiliary maintenance works (railway platform, track, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, overpasses, hydraulic and drainage works etc) for the 44.36 km Perpignan-Figueres High Speed Line International Section (19.77 km in Spain and 24.59 km in France). The section includes a twin-tube single track tunnel (km17+000-km25+600) with a diameter of 9.5m and a total length of 16.6 km and 2 cut&cover tunnels – 162 m and 175 m long – for the passage of wildlife.

The determined time period for this project is 24 months and the awarded budget is EUR 139,800, excluding VAT.

The related tender documents are attached here and here.

For further information, please contact:
Directorate General of Linea Figueras Perpignan SA, Llers.
Tel: +34 972678800
Fax: +34 972514530
Email: ppapaghiannakis@lfpperthus.com

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