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The New Naples-Bari Line – Introducing TBM Futura

New Naples-Bari Line - Introducing TBM Futura

In order to advancing the construction of the new Naples-Bari line, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana have announced the name of TBM Futura that is the second tunnel boring machine (TBM) used in this project.

The excavation process of the Rocchetta tunnel, on the Apice-Hirpinia section, is due to be carried out by this TBM, whose name was chosen by the pupils of the E. Faceltti elementary school in Apice (BN).

Including 9 tunnels, (the 27km long Hirpinia tunnel, which, will compete with the Valico tunnel in Genoa for the record of the longest tunnel in Italy), 25 viaducts as well as 16 new stations and stops, the new high-speed line is slated to have a length of 145 km.

The determined date for finishing works on Naples-Bari line is 2028, and following its completion, it will be possible to travel from Naples to Bari in 2 hours, compared to about 4 hours currently, and from Rome to Bari in 3 hours.

In addition to these features, the Naples-Bari HS/HC line will also bring significant benefits in terms of environmental sustainability, making it possible to avoid over 3 million tons of CO2 emissions in the period 2023-2047.

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