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Lesotho Highlands Water Project Update

Lesotho Highlands Water Project progress 6m daily on the transfer tunnel before the Polihali dam construction in phase II begins. Two parallel underground tunnels will be bored from intake to outlet portal at the Polihali dam. The tunnels will be 1km in length, one 7m in diameter, and the other 9m in diameter.

Work on the first tunnel moves forward following the concrete casting and reinforcement. At the same time, both the intake and outlet points have been reinforced. Moreover, the concrete inlet structure is also advancing.

A concrete rockfill dam, downstream of the confluence of the Orange-Senqu and Khubelu Rivers, having a 165m wall, and building a reservoir with a capacity of 2,325 million m³ are covered in the contract.

Upon delivering the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, the tunnel will provide water to Gauteng, positively impact the economic boost, and create thousands of job opportunities for the residents.

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