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Interim Report Confirms Tideway Project on Track for 2025 Completion

the main tunnel at carnwath road fulham Tideway Project

Following the most substantial review of the program since 2018, the company which is constructing London’s new super sewer, Tideway, remains on track to deliver the project by 2025.

The new sewer is designed to capture over 95% of the sewage spills that enter the river from London’s Victorian sewer system. It is going to have an essential influence on the water quality, making it a much healthier environment for wildlife to survive and flourish.

The program review which was collaboratively being done by Tideway and key stakeholders containing its key works contractors and Thames Water, looks at progress made on the project so far, taking into account the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and provides an up-to-date picture of the future schedule.

With the outstanding tunneling, the secondary lining of the tunnels and shafts, and the connections to the Thames Water sewer network progressing well, the verified program provides confidence that the project will be finished in 2025.

Tideway’s CEO, Andy Mitchell asserted: “Working closely with our contractors and Thames Water has allowed us to look in detail at our progress so far and what we need to do going forward, to complete our project and start tackling sewage pollution in the River Thames as soon as possible.”

He also added: “This comprehensive review has reaffirmed confidence in our program as we reach the end of the tunneling phases and look ahead to the testing and commissioning stage. We are fully focused on delivering the Tideway project safely, at the right quality, and to best value.”

Thames Water CEO, Sarah Bentley explained: “This joint review of progress is a positive step forward in the delivery of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Our teams are focused on working together to complete the project and bring the tunnel into service – so that it can do the vital job of improving the health of the river Thames and London’s environment.”

Tideway’s interim report, published on 29th November, approves the program review and the resulting c1 per cent increase in costs (£39m). The project cost measurement is £4.2bn and the measured £20-£25 annual cost range for Thames Water bill payers remains unchanged.

The main successes and achievements in the period comprised the completion of shaft excavation on all sites and the completion of 9.8km of tunnel secondary lining. About 24km of the new tunnel system has now been bored below the River Thames.

Tideway has also begun its process of handing back areas where it has finished work, with a section of land at Hammersmith Pumping Station having been successfully handed back to a residential developer.

Tideway has transported over five million tons of material by the river during construction till now, and has avoided over 600,000 HGV journeys and saved 14,816 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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