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Grand Paris Express updates

TBM Ellen has excavated about 700 m from the Robespierre pit at Bagneux as part of the Grand Paris Express project, to attain to the Arcueil – Cachan station on 6 April 2021.It previously tunnelled 4 km between Bagneux and Fort d´Issy – Vanves – Clamart. click here for the video of this driving.

TBM Dieneba was started up from the Bel Air site at Vitry-sur-Seine to dig a tunnel towards the future Centre d’Exploitation Vitry. This TBM, which was launched earlier in March after Aby and Marina, aims to excavate 1.1 km length and it must attain Les Ardoines station at the end summer 2021.

As a part of support installation process in Line 16’s tunnel, TBM Armelle, previous week installed its 1000th ring near the Neruda building at Aulnay-sous-Bois. Each ring is composed of 7 segments.  The TBM started up from the Braque pit at Aulnay-sous-Bois in October 2019, and it has excavated 2 km of its 3.3 km section.  Its final destination will be the Hugo building at Blanc-Mesnil.

Click here for a report on the Grand Paris Express project advance and here for tunnelingworld archive. Also visit this website for further information.

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