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Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Seals, Germany, Schleswig-Holstein (de/167)

Fehmarnbelt tunnel

The contract to supply its tunnel seals – Gina gaskets, Omega seals, Waterstop seals, and clamping systems – to Femern Link Contractors (FLC) for the construction of the 18-km long Fehmarnbelt tunnel, connecting Rodbyhavn in Denmark and Puttgarden in Germany. Constructed from 79 large tunnel elements, each 217 m long, and 10 special elements, the Fehmarnbelt immersed tunnel will comprise a four-lane motorway and two electrified rail tracks have been awarded by the Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure. Trelleborg’s sealing systems promise a product life expectancy of up to 120 years with little-to-no maintenance.

Commencing date of component supply is in 2022 and ultimate deliveries are planned for the end of 2026.

The related tender documents are attached here.

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