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Conclusion of £110M Contract for Road Tunnel in Norway by Nordic Firm

Road Tunnel in Norway

In order to constructing a new road and tunnel in Norway for SEK1.5bn (£110M), the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has appointed the Nordic firm NCC.

Stretching between Breivika and Lerstad in Ålesund Municipality in Norway, the tunnel will encompass a 3.3km, four-lane road.

Considering that the major Bypakke Ålesund infrastructure project is an initiative to decrease road traffic in Ålesund, this road is the main part of this project.

“This is a very important project for both the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Bypakke Ålesund. The new road will ensure efficient and future-oriented traffic flows into central Ålesund,” said director of the construction division of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration Kjell Inge Davik.

The advantages of this new road are relieving pressure on the existing road network and creating space for more public transport, as well as reducing travel times and improve accessibility and road safety.

According to head of NCC Infrastructure Kenneth Nilsson: “This project is particularly well aligned with NCC’s expertise in road and tunnel construction, and together with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration we have set the prerequisites for a successful partnership. We are delighted to have been entrusted with this task and look forward to commencing work on this important project.”

Considering that NCC has constructed two new road tunnels and a roundabout beneath the seabed in the Faroe Islands, one of which (the Sandoy tunnel) was completed and inaugurated in December 2023, this company is experienced in the construction of roads and tunnels. As the longest subsea tunnel in the Faroe Islands, the Sandoy tunnel is 10.8km long and it is one of the longest in the world. The tunnel, which was built for £150M, also has the world’s first roundabout under the seabed.

The determined date for commencing construction of the new tunnel in Ålesund is spring 2024, and the project is scheduled for completion in 2027.

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