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Completion of the Pawtucket Tunnel Excavation

Pawtucket Tunnel

The digging and lining process of the Pawtucket Tunnel in Rhode Island with 3.6km length, has been completed by CBNABarletta joint venture CB3A.

The project is Phase III of RestoredWaters RI, Narragansett Bay Commission’s (NBC) Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Program. The date of commissioning TBM Chloe the Clean Water Cruncher was summer 2022.

Being located 38m beneath the surface, this deep rock tunnel is due to store and transport storm-related combined sewer and stormwater overflow to NBC’s Bucklin Point Wastewater Treatment Facility for full treatment before discharge into Narragansett Bay, whereas its storage capacity is 221.5 million litres.

Additionally, two launching/receiving shafts, four drop shafts to divert storm-related flow into the tunnel, as well as a 49m-deep tunnel pump station to transport flow from the tunnel to the Bucklin Point, are the works of this project.

Installing four drop shafts and outfalls, will be the coming step in this phase of the CSO program.

According to NBC Chairman Vincent Mesolella: “We are excited to complete this important milestone in the Phase III RestoredWaters RI project. We are continuing to see the positive results of the investments made through this project, including a significantly cleaner Narragansett Bay, reopening of shellfishing beds, and healthier waters for all Rhode Islanders for generations to come.”

As the largest public works project in Rhode Island history, RestoredWaters RI is slated to decrease storm-related sewage discharges by 93%. Phases I and II were completed in 2008 and 2014 respectively.

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