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China finished manufacturing its largest home-made TBM

China has finished producing its domestically made EPBTBM (Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machine) which is addressed as the greatest of its kind which the country has manufactured till now – and with complete intellectual property rights.

The 135 m (443 ft) long TBM EPB has an excavation diameter of 12.79 m, a total weight of 2,722 t and an installed power of 7,500 kW. Its cutter head is equipped with 48.26 cm (19-inch) cutters.

On 10 July, the 3,000t machine called ‘Jinxiu’, bedecked in giant Panda livery and rolled off the production line in Changsha, Southwest Hunan Province and is ready to be put into operation.

The TBM is going to excavate through the difficult geology of the Jinxiu Tunnel which passes under the city of Chengdu and shapes part of the 176 km Chengdu-Zigong high-speed rail project. The project is the first high-speed railway with a top speed of 350km/hour in the neighboring Sichuan province.

The construction of the new line project has started on 2019.

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