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A Permanent Sprayed Concrete Lining Project has been Awarded to T&M Specialists

Sprayed Concrete Lining project

According to the announcement of T&M Specialists Limited, that has been constituted in Hong Kong in 2014, they have been granted a Permanent Sprayed Concrete Lining project.

T&M firm could bolster its fame in delivering high-quality shotcrete services globally, by participating in Hong Kong’s infrastructure on such large-scale projects.

Due to the pre-requisite specified by the client about using only EFNARC Certified personnel, T&M’s long-term conjunction with EFNARC was a remarkable factor in winning this contract.

T&M Specialists carry a strong EFNARC presence as their Management Team consists of EFNARC Assessors, their workforce consists of EFNARC Nozzlemen and T&M are proud to be one of 10 Members of EFNARC globally.

In order to back T&M Specialists during the implementation of the works, T&M Specialists are going to cooperate with iPS in this project, while the Normet is due to present the Equipment & Construction Chemicals throughout the project.

Recruiting further Shotcrete Specialists from the UK to avouch all requirements and the quality of the highest standards, is necessary for completing this work successfully. Moreover, the capacity of T&M in absorbing and hiring such high-caliber professionals and bringing them overseas to improve standards is being illustrated in this way.

This project comes at a critical time when EFNARC Standards & PSCL are in real contention for upcoming projects such as Shatin Caverns.

Surely progress of this project will assist the acceptance of permanent sprayed concrete lining in such projects throughout Asia.

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