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Webuild has Finished Tunneling Specialist Acquisition

WeBuild purchased tunneling specialist seli overseas

Webuild, the great Italian infrastructure has finished purchasing the tunneling specialist Seli Overseas.

As Webuild’s declaration, the acquisition will enable the company to progress with its scheme to consolidate ownership of Italy’s construction sector, titled Progetto Italia.

The plan was launched in 2018, and the Seli Overseas acquisition is going to enable it to be integrated into the overall group, along with Astaldi. It is a separate construction group that merged with Webuild in March this year.

In fact, Seli Overseas consolidates technical skills in the mechanized tunnel boring sector for underground works.

Seli Overseas specializes in difficult infrastructure for sustainable mobility, particularly railways and metros, hydroelectric power generation and water management plants, and aqueducts and sewers.

This company has 70 years’ experience and more than 800km of tunnels bored in Italy and abroad. Already, it has done many projects with the Webuild Group, in Italy and globally, comprising the Terzo Valico dei Giovi, the high-speed railway line between Milan and Genoa which is at the moment under construction, plus Copenhagen’s Cityringen metro.

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