Tunneling of Water Tunnel Project in Saudi Arabia Reached the End

Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) bored an 8.4 m diameter * 12.5 km length Water Conversion Tunnel, dubbed as the world’s longest water transmission project, through the Sarwat Mountains.

SWCC deployed a 160m long TBM to travel the distance from Jabal Al-Kar to the Ring Road in Taif to ensure sufficient water supply for the residents of southern regions of the Al-Baha. The machine was able to complete the drive ahead of the planned schedule despite the prevailing challenging conditions.

During 19 months of excavation, work commenced at the bottom of the Al-Hada Mountains toward the Taif governorate, shortening the transfer distance by more than 40kms, ensuring increased water transform in speed and capacity.

Desalinated water will be transferred from the reservoirs located in Arafat to Taif’s strategic reservoirs in the third quarter of 2021.

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