TLT-Turbo Fans for Road, Railway & Metro Tunnels

TLT Turbo Fans and ventilation system for tunnels

The experience of TLT-Turbo in manufacturing first-of-their-kind, fine-tuned, and advanced ventilation systems for road, railway, and metro tunnels, is over fifty years. While the focus subject of this company is on the system as a whole to present a safer ventilation system with great availability and lower maintenance costs over the total system life cycle, state-of-the-art engineering and R&D methods and tools lead to the highest product quality. Their field-proven technology results in high-end solutions if required designed specifically to the operational requirements of your project. Creating high energy storage that causes lower lifetime operational costs and results in lower noise emissions, are the other advantages of TLT-Turbo’s ventilation system optimization.

A Single-Source Solution

Presenting a single-source solution for the design, manufacturing, and installation of tunnel and metro ventilation by this company, leads to attaining a significantly higher degree of safety as ventilation and smoke extraction systems are combined and complemented by intelligent monitoring and control systems. Optimizing more efficient energy usage and noise reduction to ensure an ideal environment within the tunnel and pausing initial investment and future operating costs at a minimum rate, are subsets of this approach.

Features of TLT-Turbo’s Tunnel & Metro Ventilation Solutions

  • Reduced Tunnel Ventilation System power consumption
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Sustainable environmental protection
  • Shorter installation and work timelines
  • Simplified order process for EPCs with a single point of contact

Highest Safety & Efficiency Levels

In order to discharge all areas outside of the immediate fire zone as well as exit routes clear of smoke in dangerous situations gas emissions and smoke in the event of a fire or other catastrophic event, at closed systems, like a tunnel, the TLT-Turbo is a reliable partner for smoke extraction and safety with high temperature tested fans.

Reduced power demand and energy consumption supports environmental protection and compliance with governmental regulations and laws linked to CO2 limits. Customized system design and efficient operation modes improve ventilation conditions and create high-quality air for the comfort of passengers and staff.

Client Support Services

While providing support at each point of the ventilation system’s life duration, this company also offers planning and design support at the beginning of the project to avouch that the ultimate system is in coordinate with your exact requirements and meets every safety standard. Manufacturing, transport, installation supervision, commissioning, and aftersales services are the approval of this claim. They also take aerodynamic acceptance measures to ensure that the system is functioning optimally and safely. Moreover, TLT-Turbo is active in the field of presenting reconstruction and optimization of existing structures or buildings.

Please visit the TLT-Turbo website to find your nearest TLT-Turbo office to consult on the optimal tunnel ventilation solution that fits your specific requirements.

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