The Jakarta to Bandung HSR First Milestone

On November 15th, China Railway Group (CREC) Indonesia delivered the first section of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railwa. The contractor achieved a significant milestone while tunneling for 1,285km in difficult geological conditions. For this purpose, the project department of CREC in Indonesia had applied various technologies in conjunction with the Three-step Temporary Inverted Arch Method, Three-step Temporary Transverse Support Excavation Method, CRD (Completely Randomized Designs).

Over 90% of the tunnel work occurred at a depth of more than 30m underground. The maximum buried depth reported is 77.4m. The body of Tunnel 7 consists of clay, mudstone, and andesite, and 80 percent of the geology is V-grade surrounding rock.

Amid the ongoing concerns about the pandemic situation, the CREC Indonesia has gone ahead with Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway with full compliance to Covid19 measures. As a result, Tunnel 7 was completed in accordance with the schema.

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