The BBDMP in India: A Significant Success Brought up by China Overseas Engineering Group over

Although the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project (BBDMP) in Karnali Province, Nepal, was delayed from March to Sep 2020 due to India’s imposed restriction by the government, China Overseas Engineering Group successfully delivered the tunnel lately in September.

Prime Minister Oli expressed his gratitude after the breakthrough stating: “Nepal is now ready to walk and work together with the international community towards the new direction of development.”

The project entered the constructional phase in 2015 and tunneling in 2017. For the first time in India’s history, a 5m diameter Robbins TBM drove through the Himalayas Mountains for 12.2km and reached the finish line in Apr. 2019.

The irrigation project will provide water for 51,000 hectares fields at the southwest districts of Nepal, the Surkhet. This victory brings India a step closer to its fight against the food shortage and better agricultural economics.

“Achieve sustainable economic growth of Nepal through enhanced agricultural production and productivity by providing year-round irrigation and generating reliable electricity with focused development of inter-basin water transfer and multipurpose projects using modern technologies like TBM by means of the effective and efficient public sector.”

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