Supporting the new EFNARC training course by Normet’s revamped simulator

Normet’s ‘renewed’ spray-training simulator, which is using the latest virtual reality (VR) technology to deliver safe, thorough and cost-efficient training wherever it is needed, is Hagerbach test tunnel’s 50th anniversary celebration’s invention.

The simulator comprises of new training environments, increased adjustable sprayer-operating values and concrete-mix behaviours to create ‘full-blown digital twins’, not only of the firm’s sprayers but also to simulate concrete and underground conditions.

According to Harri Sonninen of Normet: “Spraying concrete is one of the most demanding underground tasks. Operators really need to know what they are doing in order to achieve the high-quality standards required for sprayed concrete structures today.”

One of the remarkable features of the Normet’s VR simulator, is its supporting from the C2, which is certified operator training course developed by EFNARC, the international association of contractors, manufacturers, raw material suppliers and consultants in the specialized construction and concrete systems industry. EFNARC’s sprayer-operator certification designs have been implemented as a reply to increasingly stringent safety, environmental and industry provisions.

Max Eckstein, president of EFNARC, said: “C2 is the latest development for operator training and certification with integration of VR simulator technology. We’re excited to have Normet on board to? support? C2 training.”

Normet, which is well known because of its concrete sprayers, is a global provider of products for underground mining and tunnelling applications and the date of commencing the technical and operator training services by this company is since the production of sprayers started in the 1970s.

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