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Next Steps for Suburban Rail Loop

Suburban Rail Loop

A landmark moment for Suburban Rail Loop (SRL); revealing the Business and Investment Case, which embosses the huge transport, social and economic benefits SRL will deliver to Victorians.

The determined date for commencing the construction process is 2022, while the 2035 is the estimated time for operation of the twin tunnel line and six new underground stations.

A budget between AUD30.0 and AUD34.5 billion across 14 years is expected for SRL East. An infrastructure investment of national significance, it will be funded through a range of funding streams, including State Government contributions, Commonwealth Government contributions and a mix of value capture opportunities.

Although the construction process of the SRL East is currently undergoing and is estimated to be finished by 2053, construction can commence on SRL North due to its further detailed technical design and market capacity.

Even though the SRL East is the significant focus and preference, early planning pursues for SRL North and SRL West. In order to rapid delivery of SRL to Werribee, a remarkable infrastructure program of work is underway in Melbourne’s west, involving the Metro Tunnel, Sunbury Line Upgrade, Melbourne Airport Rail, gelong Fast Rail and the Western Rail plan.

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