Singapore Airport Contract Won by PBE

PBE, the main contactor which has been recently appointed by Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Company is going to power and run the construction of twin bored tunnels from Changi Airport Terminal 5 (T5) heading towards Changi Airport (CGA) Station Terminal 2 (T2) North Finger Pier in Singapore.

The project comprises construction of associated cross passages, tunnels low point sumps, underground infrastructure, launch shaft, and the ancillary works.

Over a number of years, PBE has collaborated with the Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Company on numerous projects and is pleased to have acquired another one in the country.

Along with running the subsequent electrical fit-out, testing, and commissioning works, PBE’s chief role in the project can be regarded as the construction of the main 22kV electrical substation, including the design and civil works associated with the substation site.

Moreover, PBE is going to supply the high voltage electrical equipment for the project site comprising the installation and supply of the site reticulation cables, and will be responsible for the maintenance and service of the electrical plant throughout the project.

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