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Seeking a Collaborative Integrated Relationship by Network Rail

network rail seeks fully integrated team for renewals

In order to present a change in the way renewals are delivered on its network as it moves into Control Period 7 (CP7) in 2024, in a contract with the value of £9.6bn, Network Rail is looking to institute a “collaborative integrated relationship”.

The Southern Integrated Delivery (SID) is going to be a quite integrated team based on ‘Project 13’ principles – an ICE-led initiative that intends to improve productivity in delivery and provide better value for money.

The initial phase of SID, which will be established in tranches, is the provision of a partner for the deliveries of the two lots in the contract with £9.6bn budget. Lot 1 is for buildings and civils in London and the South East. Lot 2 is electrification and plant, also in London and the South East.

According to Network Rail’s request, the SID members are due to sign into a development phase agreement, which’s starting date is in December 2022 or January 2023, and run up until April 2024, when CP7 begins.

After this contract the principle SID agreement will commence and will long for 10 years, with a break clause inserted prior to the commencement of CP8.

Signaling and telecoms, track, buildings, and civils, electrification, and plant, and minor works, will be the Network Rail’s SID collaboration.

The SID will combine the capabilities of the supply chain and Network Rail, and the scope will include some or all of the development, design, manufacture, supply, installation, integration, testing, and commissioning of the Southern renewals work bank.

Implementing on the Kent Sussex and Wessex routes, these tasks initially will deliver on the renewals portfolio. However, some choices will be involved to provide enhancements to be delivered, subject to capacity and where the SID is considered the optimum route for procurement.

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