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San Lorenzo Tunnel Bypass Construction, Italy

San Lorenzo Tunnel

Calling enthusiasts to participate in a tender that has been announced for the 2,213 m San Lorenzo tunnel bypass construction between Km 41+600 and Km 44+400, at Passo Della Morte, Forni di Sotto municipality (UD), SS52 Carnica. The contract mainly concerns the construction of a hydraulic tunnel to implement the drainage system of the San Lorenzo tunnel. The contract also includes restoration work on the deterioration of the tunnel lining and ground environmental monitoring during construction.

The determined time period of this contract is 416 days and the awarded budget is EUR15.34 million (10.20 million of which belongs to the OG4 category), excluding VAT.

The related tender documents are attached here.

For further information, please contact:

Anas SpA, attn Eng. Antonio Marsella, Rome
– Email: appalti.lavori@postacert.stradeanas.it

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