Middle East to see longest ever sea outfall

The work on the Middle East’s longest-ever sea outfall to be undertaken by pipejacking has been started by Joseph Gallagher Group, in partnership with Al Hassanain BSC. It is among one of the region’s most complex water schemes.
To improve the Umm Al Hayman Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Ahmedi area of Kuwait, the US$55.2m project forms part of a US$1.6bn public private partnership.
The project contains around 3,643m of open cut, a 190m-long inland micro-tunnel; and a 1,950m-long sea outfall into the Persian Gulf using 2.2m internal diameter RC pipe, Led by WTE Wassertechnik.
AVN2000-type MTBM upskinned to 2.64m-diameter has been provided by Herrenknecht. Working in conjunction with a calculated 16-17 interjack stations, the machine will bore mainly through poorly-graded sand and silty sand ranging from 41 to 46MPa respectively.
When the project is completed, around 22 months (including six for manufacturing and design), the MTBM will be recovered from below the sea bed using air bags, then towed to the nearest port.
Source: Tunnels and Tunneling

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