Merge of PPS and TACS forces again

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According to the announcement of Munich-based guidance system suppliers PPS GmbH and TACS GmbH, they have merged their forces for future cooperation after more than 30 years of going their separate ways.

PPS CEO Quirin Poltinger says: “The combination of our technologies and Know-How will clearly benefit both our customer bases and add value to their future projects. We also double our capacities for the production, field service, support and can offer a broader partner network around the world.”

“Additionally, our development efforts are strengthened by doubling the number of engineering capacities. The future will bring much higher grades of automatization for the whole tunnel construction process, we can definitely add to this approach with our experience, expertise, and Research & Development work,” adds Fritz Grübl, Managing Director of TACS GmbH.

The future investment scheme of both companies is on TBM telematics with their guidance and ring build solutions for automated construction approaches for TBM and micro-tunneling projects.

According to both CEOs: “Our joint expertise in surveying and civil engineering combined with Geotechnics will definitely push forward and innovate the state-of-the-art solutions as we know them today.”

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