Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel Project is due to be completed in 2025

Shaping the Arden Station with the platforms being constructed and the Laurens Street station entrance ground floor with poured slap, is the next step following the completion of TBM tunnelling. The twin tunnels are now being fitted out with base slabs and steel brackets to house high voltage power cords.

While the tunnel portals at South Yarra and Kensington are currently finish and linked to the main tunnels, construction process is well underway on the 26 cross passages.  Moreover, the other works are ramping up on the project’s five new underground stations, with the final stages of excavation underway and work continuing to build walls, roof structures, entrances and platforms.

Mobilizing the stations with electrical, mechanical and ventilation systems, as well as the next-generation signalling and train control technology required for future High Capacity Metro Trains to be used on the line, will be done by crew as soon as the station structures are advanced precisely.

In order to avouching the integration and well balance of the systems, following that the tunnels and stations are fully fitted out, a long period of testing will be done for commencing the newest part of Melbourne’s rail network safely and reliably.

The intended project is going to be completed one year ahead of the determined program (in 2025) and this will change how Melburnians move circa the city.

Completion of this project will give this chance to Metro Tunnel passengers at CBD stations – Town Hall and State Library – to connect to City Loop services via underground pedestrian links at Flinders Street and Melbourne Central stations, and people will be able to take a train to Parkville, Arden and St Kilda Road for the first time.

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