India’s Pune Nashik Semi-High Speed Railway Line

The construction License of the Nashik-Pune High-Speed Railway project with Rs 16,039 crore value is approved by the central government has approved. The investment amount of this line will be shared between the government of Maharashtra (20%) and Ministry of Railway (20%) and Domestic Financial Institutions (60%).

The decided time period for this project is 3.5 years, commencing from the date of its financial conclusion, and will be implemented by Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (MRIDC or MahaRail), a JV of Government of Maharashtra and Ministry of railways.

Considering that currently all trains among Pune and Nashik drive via Kalyan or passengers go to Daund-Manmad and then take a train to Nashik, their journey takes long more than six to seven hours and on the other hand road distance between Pune to Nashik is 212 Km, which is taking about 5 to 6-hour due to heavy traffic.

The intended new 234 km Semi High-Speed Double Rail line between Pune and Nashik would have 24 stations,19 viaducts with a 15.98 km in total length and 17 tunnels with a 21.02 km total length: the longest tunnel and bridge will be 6.64 Km and 3.12 km long.

While at the moment this will be the first Broad Gauge Railway Line with speed of 200 Km/h, it has the enhancement capability up to 250 Km/h in the future. In addition to linking Pune and Nashik directly by the Greenfield Semi-High-Speed Double, the traveling time between these two cities will be less than 2 hrs.

The Golden Triangle of Maharashtra, is comprise of Mumbai and the larger Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) along with Pune and Nashik. The project will assist promoting the development of Nashik-Pune-Ahmednagar and also the surrounding districts in Maharashtra. Moreover, it will simplify the transportation of agricultural produce from the surrounding areas of the state.

Click here for a video. Also visit this website for more information on this project.

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