Establishing new manufacturing factory in Italy by Zoomlion Europe

Inaugurating a new factory to produce and assemble cranes, truck cranes, forklifts and AWPs, is a part of progressing plan of CIFA Spa, which is a subset of the Zoomlion Group.

CIFA Spa – an old Italian company in the concrete machinery manufacturing sector and part of Chinese group Zoomlion Heavy Industry – has confirmed its investment plan for Italy with the creation of a new plant in Solferino, Northern Italy.

Due to the main intention of this new factory’s construction which shows the European as the target market, having a close bond with the local area for being more familiar with characterizing the region’s industrial heritage and for its strategic position in the center of Europe, is vital for the company based in Milan (Senago).

 It will accommodate the assembly and manufacturing activities of cranes, truck cranes, forklifts and AWPs by Zoomlion intended for European customers.

The factory that has about 10,000 m2 area is going to locate in an area with over 20,000 m2, intended for the development of the product supply in the lifting, mobile crane and tower crane sector. A leading-edge factory that, just like the products, has high quality and safety levels: the premises are fully cabled to allow for the connection of state-of-the-art machinery with 4.0 technology. The rooms are laid out according to lean production principles and safety systems.

The other aims of this factory’s establishment are: aware of the importance of guaranteeing economic growth that is also sustainable and the reduction of the environmental impact. Consequently, they have included a solar panel system fitted on the roof which supplies power for manufacturing activities and LED lighting of the whole premises.

Investing in Italian logistics and manufacturing hub by focusing on innovation and internationalization as levers for development to achieve a leading position on the European market in a strategic sector for economic recovery like construction, is the main intention of Zoomlion and CIFA.

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