Commencing the next planning phase of Sydney Metro West


The projecting process for the construction of 9 new metro stations among Westmead and Hunter Street in the Sydney CBD and the areas circa them, has been started on the Sydney Metro West project. The indicated project is going to increase rail capacity between Greater Parramatta and the Sydney CBD, also the journey time between the two centers will be about 20 minutes.

Making effort for attaining approval for main building works including fit-out of the twin railway tunnels; construction of the new stations and service facilities; building the station precincts; and operating the new underground metro line, were the contents of the Scoping Report, submitted with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The determined date for presenting this report, which provides information on proposed works and explains the coming steps in preparing a detailed Environmental Impact Statement, and expecting the community feedback, will be in early 2022.

The commencing time of this city shaping project at The Bays was in 2020 and it aimed to let TBMs to be in the ground in 2022. After almost one year, in March 2021, the project received its first main planning approval for the project Concept between Westmead and the Sydney CBD and station digging and tunnelling between Westmead and The Bays.

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