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Commencing TBM drive for Ship Canal Water Quality Project

Webuild MudHoney TBM Excavates Ship Canal Water Tunnel in Seattle

The excavation process of storage tunnel with 2.7-mile (4.2-m) length for the Ship Canal Water Quality Project, which is an environmental sustainability project planned to prevent untreated stormwater and sewage from flowing into major bodies of water in Seattle, Washington, has been started by Webuild Group’s U.S. subsidiary, Lane using the MudHoney TBM. The beginning location of the TBM was at Ballard, the western end of the planned 18.1-feet (5.5 m) diameter tunnel, and will head towards Fremont and Wallingford.

The advantages of this tunnel in Seattle, will include: preventing almost 75 million gallons (276 million liters) of untreated stormwater and sewage – known as combined sewer overflow (CSO) – from flowing into the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Salmon Bay, and Lake Union every year, as well as grabbing and temporarily holding over 29 million gallons (109.8 million liters) of stormwater and sewage during heavy rainfall.

Please click here for tunnelingworld archive. Also, for detailed information about this project please visit here and here.

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