BBT: First Breakthrough on the Isarco River Underpass

Following the ground freezing method in the preparatory stages, a highly complex activity to provide temporary earth support and groundwater control, the TBM record the initial breakthrough on the first 59km long underpass of the Isarco River Underpass section of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

Employing the ground freezing method reduces environmental impacts, leading to better ecosystem protection, especially rescuing the fish population.

The excavation of the first tunnel (4tunnels in total) took place on the southernmost construction lot under the Isarco River. The BBT tunnel system includes about 230km of tunnels (two connecting tunnels as well as two primary tubes). After the excavation is finished, the BBT underpass will be linked to existing lines and Fortezza station.

The work is proceeding on the construction lot, the Isarco River Underpass section. Visit ( to get a comprehensive overview of the work progress on BBT.

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