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Advancement of Kalininsko Solntsevskaya Metro Line

Kalininsko Solntsevskaya metro line

Currently almost 43% of the Kalininsko Solntsevskaya metro line (Yellow line) in Moscow has been completed by excavating the 2 km section between Pykhtino and Rasskazovka stations. This happened by tunneling 1153 m of the right running tunnel using TBM Rosa (6 m diameter), while the TBM Natalia has dug 717 m of the left tunnel. The Pykhtino and Vnukovo stations are due to be located on the 5 km extension of the Kalininsko Solntsevskaya line to the Vnukovo airport. The determined date for the construction completion of both stations is 2023. Although the major structures of the Pykhtino station are 50% complete, the construction of monolithic structures at Vnukovo has commenced. At the moment the construction process for the new section of the yellow metro line is undergoing at all the construction sites.

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