Zitrón’s major purposes and challenges: Innovation and digital transformation

The IV Edition of Open Innovation 4.0 Asturias is a public-private collaboration invention between IDEPA, CEEI and companies that aim to seek to expand innovative solutions to optimize their processes and Zitrón is going to participate in this innovation this year. The main goal of this initiative is to provide platform for establishing and developing a program whose objective is to progress in the technological challenges of the participating companies. On 6th of May the tractor companies and their challenges will be presented.

What is the Zitrón challenge? Due to the ZITRÓN’s wide experience in the design, construction and supply of underground ventilation systems that are adapted to each project and location, they need the accessing to a large amount of technical information for the assembly, installation and maintenance of the machines. This installation and assembly are complicated so, for its right implementation, Zitrón bids a solution focused on the idea “anywhere, anytime, any device”, a mixed virtual-physical, interactive and intuitive environment based on virtual and augmented reality.

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