The Chair of Underground Construction Association of SME was appointed

In December 2020 Mike Rispin got his chair in Strata Worldwide as Vice President of Tunnelling and now he becomes chairman of the Underground Construction Association of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) on July 1, 2021. He served as vice-chair of the organization from 2019 – 2021 and will succeed Robert Goodfellow, President of Aldea Services Inc., who completes his 2-year term in June.

The major purposes of the Underground Construction Association of SME, is advancing the wise and efficient development and use of underground space, involving increasing the general public awareness of the potential of this important resource.

The remarkable personal features of Rispin is his 38 years of international tunnelling and mining expertise, that have been achieved by decades working in upper management for companies such as BASF, Normet, and Dyno Nobel.  Moreover, he has boosted his professional CV as a membership in both the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and The Moles organization.

“We want to congratulate Mike on this successful achievement. He has been an invaluable asset to Strata Tunnelling and is not only one of the most experienced engineers in the industry but is also a driving force in thought leadership for underground construction professionals,” states Mike Berube, CEO of Strata Worldwide.

Mike Rispin says: “I’m proud of how the Underground Construction Association has continually improved its service to the industry and the broader society beyond.  Among many initiatives, it is gratifying to see groups like the Young Tunnelers and Women in Tunnelling thrive, and I’m particularly excited about the part we play in Down for That, a program designed to inform and attract prospective newcomers to the industry.”

Strata Tunnelling introduction

As a section of Strata Worldwide, Strata Tunnelling is totally concentrated on inventing the company’s well-established, leading-edge technologies to the global industries of tunnelling and underground construction.

The establishing date of Strata Worldwide, which’s nerve center is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is 1992 and it has created upon a product portfolio that includes the best in proximity detection and collision avoidance technology, an elite selection of underground communication and monitoring networks, emergency refuge shelters and a suite of specialty chemicals, liners and shotcretes for construction and problem solving.

In order to sharing its commitment and can offer global expertise at the local level, Strata has constructed a potent network of qualified distributors and partner companies. Also this company has global offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, South Africa and Australia.

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