TBM Meg on Track for the Metro Tunnel Project

This month, TBM Meg entered the operation stage for the second time, running from the Parkville Station site towards the State Library. So far, the machine has dug up 2,615m installing 1,553 rings in total.

TBM Joan began the one-kilometer journey towards the State Library Station site in October 2020. Afterward, TBM Meg joined TBM Joan to complete a 15km section toward the State Library.

Two TBMs, nicknamed Millie and Alice, were launched separately from the Anzac Station site towards the South Yarra, finishing a 1.7km bore installing 1,100 rings. They are now retrieved at the Anzac Station site, to be reassembled for their next journey toward Town Hall Station in 2021.

Works continue on the Metro Tunnel Project as a part of Victoria’s Big Build amid ongoing concerns caused by the pandemic.

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