Starting the Mont Blanc tunnel ‘s road deck rebuilding

The considered scheme for rebuilding the two Mont Blanc Tunnel road decks is continuing currently. The main works for the first 555m deck section were done from March to June 2018 the next works on the other 1136 m part of the road decks will be carried out from March to June 2021.

Advancing the works process mainly at night, is an innovative technology used to maintain the tunnel and road through it and a strategic passageway for the local and European economy.

The launching of two constructions, with the use of 3 overhead cranes specifically designed for the Mont Blanc Tunnel, will be carried out during the night closure.

Replacing 453 deck components and 910 pavement parts, which completes 45 meters per a night, is the major role of this project.  The components will be made in the Basaluzzo (AL) plant part of the Generali Prefabbricati Spa company.

The determined budget for this contract is 17 million Euro, which was awarded to the JV Bouygues TP RF/Colas RAA and is financed 50/50 by each of the two concessionary companies, SITMB and the French ATMB.

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