Meg TBM arrives

Following TBM Meg drove at the State Library Station, which was the first main milestone of 2021, now excavation of the western section of the Metro Tunnel between Kensington and the Central Business District is completed (click here for the video). After digging 1km from Parkville Station, this is only a pit stop before Meg is relaunched towards Town Hall Station.


The entrance time of TBM Meg was two days after of when TBM Joan relaunched from State Library Station to start its ultimate leg towards Town Hall Station. Transmission of TBM Meg through the station box to start digging in parallel to Joan, will be done soon.

Currently, the excavation process of almost three-quarters of this project’s 9 km twin tunnels is completed, with TBMs Millie and Alice also are running towards Town Hall Station from the east.

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