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The Grand Paris Express has created an infrastructure project of unprecedented magnitude ranked third place after Tokyo and Chicago.
As the first tunnel boring machine TBM Steffie-Orbival finished her drive by the end of July, it will be reassembled and implemented on the Bonneuil-en-France site to work on Line 17.

Meanwhile, TBM Ellen achieved a significant milestone after ending the Fort-d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart part (stretching for 4km) of Line 15 in 18 months. Please view

TBM Sarah headed from Aubervilliers to Saint-Denis Pleyel in July 2020. Soon she will start her journey to the Finot site, where it will excavate a 2.6km corridor with access to both lines 16 and 17.

By the beginning of 2021, the Tunnel Boring Machine Sarah will pass the Pleyel and the Landy district to the Paris Nord, where work will continue on the ground on 42 tracks, half of which serving the daily transport of millions of commuters.

The Société du Grand Paris will keep the operation under full observation to guarantee the regular transportation flow while the construction is underway 24/7.

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