Implementation of almost half of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro line on Lianozovo – Fiztech section

The running tunnels, which are located between the future Lianozovo and Fiztech stations of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro line, are advanced more than 50%.

On November 2020 the TBMs Tatiana and Irina, started their work at the Lianozovo station (under construction) and have covered more than half the way to the future Fiztech station. Both machines have already crossed the Moscow Ring Road.

In order to excavate the stretch between the Lianozovo and Fiztech stations, the TBM Tatiana has driven 1473 m of the right tunnel and TBM Irina has dug 1272 m of the 2345 m left running tunnel.

Among the stations Ulitsa 800-letiya Moskvy and Lianozovo on the section of the light green line, the right-hand running tunnel is also being excavated. While the TBM Klavdia with 6m diameter and 290 m length, has already run more than 1 km out of 1.8 km, and covered   around 60% of this tunnel, the left running tunnel has been completed.

The construction process is active in all three stations of the new section of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro line: at Lianozovo and Ulitsa 800-letiya Moskvy (800th Anniversary of Moscow Street), excavation has been finished and great amount of work is underway, while at Phystech they have commenced to install the enclosing structures of the station using the wall-in-the-ground method and the removal of utilities from the construction zone.

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