Grand Paris Express updates – Line 16

Calendrier mis a jour suite aux arbitrages gouvernementaux de fevrier 2018

The Grand Paris Express project includes line 16 (27.5 km) which will be totally beneath the ground and three work lots are planned with the use of 8 TBMs. The estimated date for end of the works is 2030. In the second half of 2018 the Webuild-NGE BTP group, won the Lot 2 – from Aulnay-sous-Bois to Chelles which involves 4 stations, 11 annexed works and 11.1 km of tunnels.

The cutting head of 8th TBM (weight 180 t, diameter 9.86 m) which was for the South section of line 16 in Lot 2, was pulled down into the 50 m deep Bel-Air shaft at Chelles on 4th February 2021 and it will be launched towards Mare au Chanvre shaft between Sevran and Livry-Gargan.

From the other end of line 16 the TBM Houda (the 7th for line 16), has been dispatched, which has already driven its first 120 m and is being armed for its ultimate configuration before it restarts. These two TBMs are responsible for excavating 11.1 km of tunnels in the north of the Ile de France.

South extension Line 14

The cutting wheel of TBM Claire, which is going to be quite dismantled by mid-February, is now being dismounted in small pieces from 50 to 100  at the Jean Prouvé site.

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