Financial support for Warwick Boring in Elon Musks “Not-A-Boring Tunnelling Competition 2021″

In accordance to Warwick Boring’s announcement, they are looking for fiscal assist to fund their bid to win in a global competition organized by Elon Musks the Boring Company. So if you are eager to support them and help them raise the £30,000 they need in further funding, considering that they are already finalists please visit their ‘Kickstarter’ campaign.

About Warwick Boring

This is a various and ambitious group which is consist of 30+ engineers from the University of Warwick, UK who qualified into the Finals of Elon Musk’s Competition as the top 3% worldwide (12 out of 400 applicants) so-called “Not-A-Boring Tunnelling Competition 2021” hosted by The Boring Company.

Aim of competition: Finalists from around the world – “the Digging Dozen” – racing their unique Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) near Las Vegas this Summer.

In this event they are going to illustrate their scalable, fast and cost efficient TBM by excavating a 30-meter tunnel with a cross-sectional area of 0.2 square meters and answer the question, “Can we beat the snail?”

Their Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

Tunnel Boring Machines dig and make tunnels. They are too slow and way too expensive at the moment!

What makes their scheme different from others is the slip-form tunnel lining solution that they are producing, which enables continuous propulsion leading to greater simplification of the tunneling process (no need to stop every 5 feet – common in today’s TBMs). This decreases the complexity and cost while increases efficiency and speed.


Advance rate: 150mm/min = expect to complete 30m tunnel in only few hours!

Modular: “easy-to-assemble” approach

Cost efficiency: their scaled-up system is expected to be 10X cheaper than traditional machines that take $100m – $1bn per mile to construct tunnels

Fast: their scaled-up TBM is expected to be 80% faster than standard machines that typically dig one mile in 8-12 weeks.

Their major goals would be the following:

  • Fastest to complete a tunnel
  • Most accurate guidance system
  • Provide smoothest driving surface for Tesla small cars

Further information about the competition and funding this group can be reached here .

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