East-West Metro corridor back on track

At Durga Pithuri Lane, laborers set to build a retrieval shaft to extract twin TMBs (Chundi and Urvi) after completing their 2.5km launch from Esplanade to Sealdah.

Following the unfortunate incident last year, when Chundi hit an aquifer and caused massive damage to buildings located at the construction site, Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) aims to disassemble and retrieve the unusable machine alongside few meters concrete rings.

To prevent water flow into the Kalkato East-West Metro corridor, engineers pumped concrete into the collapsed area, covering the front shield of the machine as a result. All the reasons why that the drilling rig for constructing piles of the shaft 22m deep x 15m wide will be in operation for six months.
In the meantime, Urvi travel to Sealdah station, where it will be retrieved and put back to work in the opposite path to finish its’ journey.

Source: Tunnel Talk

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