Distribution of AURA IQ Conveyor Health Monitoring Technology by Strata Worldwide

According to the Premium Partnership Agreement that has been concluded between Strata Worldwide and Future Fibre Technologies, distribution of the company’s FFT Aura IQ™ Conveyor Health Monitoring System into mining and tunnelling operations is up to this company. This technology is planned to use real-time data to develop asset management, improve reliability and introduce new predictive capabilities for monitoring the condition of conveyor belts.

Due to the significant damages of the conveyor belt rollers failures in the operation, the Aura IQ solution can quickly and safely identify and classify specific early-stage conveyor roller failure modes and symptoms, providing unique and timely information for improved and more efficient maintenance, increased operational performance and enhanced health and safety risk management. The data can be integrated into onsite reporting and planned maintenance schedules. This significantly decreases costs by deleting unplanned maintenance work, expanding the life cycle of idlers and keeping both personnel and operations safe and healthy.

“The Aura IQ system was developed in partnership with industry leading research organization Mining3 over a course of seven years,” says Future Fibre Technologies Group Head of Innovation, Andrew Hames. He also adds: “It uses the latest in technology and artificial intelligence to replace what is currently a very labour-intensive process. Maintenance staff walk along kilometers of conveyor belt with infrared cameras, handheld audible devices, and for visual inspections, they look for subjective indications of failed rollers and mark each for follow-up. Our technology not only tracks failure progression and flags wear symptoms, failure modes and wear status, but also shows you where to find it.”

In accordance with statement of Mike Berube, CEO of Strata Worldwide: “We are thrilled to be the first to offer this technology to our mining and tunnelling customers. We’ve become known for our development of leading-edge underground communication and monitoring networks, and the Aura IQ system is an ideal complement, adding conveyor health monitoring to our advanced technology portfolio.”

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The Ava Group, which involves world leading technology divisions Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) and BQT Solutions (BQT), and international secure logistics services division Ava Global, is a market head in the preparation of risk management services and technologies and it is trustworthy for some of the most security conscious commercial, industrial, military and government clients in the world.

Intrusion detection for perimeters, pipelines and data networks, biometric and card access control as well as the secure international logistics and storage of high value assets, are some of the complementary solutions of this group. While decades of innovation, the Ava Group pursues to build upon an extensive portfolio of premium services and technologies for the most complex and demanding markets.

 This group’s intelligent team is expanded across six continents for providing market and industry expertise directly to customers and their business truly serves a global market. With thousands of sites protected, the Ava Group is proven to deliver first class services and technologies that surpass the expectations of their partners and end users.

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