Developing of Bromford Tunnel on HS2 railway requires EIA

The Phase One of the HS2 railway, is under more precise planning for extension since the appointment of its main works contractors. The design procedure is assisting HS2 to plan and prepare the construction of Britain’s new high-speed railway. Recognizing opportunities to reduce the impact of the railway on local communities and the environment while ensuring value for money, is a part of this planning procedure.

According to HS2’s published scheme for extending the Bromford tunnel from Birmingham into Warwickshire, they are going to enhance the length of the tunnel from 2.8km to 5.7km and minimize the overall impact of HS2 across the area. While the eastern portal will be carried 3 km to east and a vent shaft will be built in Castle Bromwich Business Park, the western portal will be moved 100 m to west, but it will stay within Washwood Heath site.

HS2 is permitted to refine the design of the railway in this way in accordance with the Phase One High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Act, although some extra consents for special, technical aspects of the plans are required. The Transport Secretary of UK in the last Grant Shapps (31/03/2021) asserted that an environmental impact assessment is necessary in relation to the suggested Bromford Tunnel Extension Scheme.HS2 is considering this decision to understand its implications and an update will be published as soon as possible.

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