WTC2023 – Professor Marc Panet Presents Muir Wood Lecture

World Tunnel Congress - WTC2023

In May 2023 World Tunnel Congress in Athens will host Professor Marc Panet’s the 12th Muir Wood Lecture.

Prof Panet has a degree in civil engineering from the École des Mines de Paris and a Masters from the University of California at Berkeley. He has had roles in the private sector and academia and now works as a consultant.

His experiences are expansive in numerous studies such as geotechnical engineering for underground works, highways, bridges, and natural hazards, including the Mont Blanc Tunnel (11.6km), the Frejus Road Tunnel (12.9km), the Large Electron–Positron Collider (CERN in Geneva), the Channel Tunnel (from 1967 to the end of the construction), the Loetschberg Base Tunnel (43km), and subways in Paris, Rennes, Caracas, Athens and Algiers.

As author of “Calculation of tunnels using the convergence-confinement method”, he has several publications.

The main presentation of Professor Kyriazis Pitilakis will be on seismic design and risk assessment of tunnels and underground structures.

Additionally, the duty of vice-president of the European Association of Earthquake Engineering, ex-chairman of the Technical Committee Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Associated Problems (TC203) of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, as well as past president of the Greek Society of Earthquake Engineering are up to Professor Pitilakis. He is professor emeritus at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and a visiting professor at Tongji University, International Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering in Shanghai.

Being involved in numerous European research projects in earthquake engineering, geotechnical engineering, vulnerability and risk assessment of civil engineering structures, infrastructures and lifelines, he is founder and coordinator of EUROSEISTEST, a large-scale experimental facility in earthquake engineering, soil dynamics and engineering seismology.

From May 12-18, WTC2023 is due to be held at Megaron Athens International Conference Centre in Athens.

For further information on WTC2023, including the congress program and technical visits, click here.

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